Pickaxe swinging cat Purrit searches for fools' gold. How much can you mine before time runs out? Extra happy if you find more than 9 pieces.

Art by Bersteinwolf 
Check out her DeviantArt page:


Cat animation and base sprite by 9e0
--> https://9e0.itch.io/cute-legends-cat-heroes

edited sprites by Bersteinwolf 


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Great work! Can't get more than 6, probably I 'am just a noob.

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Thank you very much! There is a lot of luck involved, but if you spread your search a little and look really closely you can see if the gold spreads to the neighboring tile.

We totally loved the Cat-Hero you created, it has so much personality and life! It inspired us to go with the cat theme altogether.
(we used 9E0's Cat-Hero as a base for our character, check them out they are really good)